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Client D.

Ms. D. had been training by herself at a commercial gym for a long time. However, from some point, she was stuck at plateau, she felt like her body looks the same. Thus, she visited us to find out what’s causing the plateau. We found out her training program was a major issue as well as inappropriate meal plans through the sessions. 

We helped her by providing individualized programming and meal plans, and now she is seeing a dramatic changes from her body composition test. 

Client J.

Our Client J.’s priority goal was strength and muscle gain. By assisting her meal plan and training program, she was able to improve numbers for her squat, bench press and deadlift, while increasing the muscle mass and reducing the body fat percentage.  

Client S.

Client S. has been suffering from metabolic diseases (hypertension & type 2 diabetes), and always has been wanted to change. However, she didn’t know where to start and never enjoyed exercise before. That’s why she came to us. 

To promote her sustainable and healthy changes, we helped her to enjoy training itself and made small, gradual changes to her diet pattern. It is still in progress, however, Ms. S. started to enjoy exercises with us!  

Client Y.

Mr. Y. is a young student who came to visit us to be stronger and gain muscle. Being skinny has been his complex for a long time, but he didn’t know where to start. 

We helped him by correcting his current diet patterns and training program in order to maximize efficiency of training. For two months of coaching, he is already seeing a drastic changes.

Client I.

This is our client I., who came to visit us for general health. She didn’t want her current diet pattern to be disturbed by others, so we advocated for her proper weight and functional training to improve her joint health. Throughout consistent training, she was able to restore appropriate functions of her joints and gained significant amount of muscle mass despite her age.

Client K.

Client D.